The action of painting itself — the visceral pleasure it brings and the unloading of the visuals that are in my mind is my goal. This involves continuous problem solving. I agree with Magritte who said, "The feeling that I have with my paintings cannot be put into words."

My subject matter is quite varied, but most often I find a fantasy or surreal picture emerging. The sub-conscious process involved intrigues me as I develop a painting idea. A seed gradually unfolds to what it will ultimately become as with the organic shapes I often paint. This process is a reflection of the way I feel when I look at the textures I create at the beginning of a painting. I seldom use more than three primaries and white, creating a large variety of colors that relate to each other this way. By putting down many layers of color and subsequently washing them out I create my own "seed". As the layers buildup and the seed matures, I work towards more definite images. I work back into the discovered shapes hiding below each surface with stronger watercolor, eventually articulating these shapes with acrylic. My final images are a result of research, experimentation and invention. The work involves releasing pictures from my mind, and letting them develop without intial judgement.

I enjoy experiencing the germ of an idea unfolding — knowing the beginning, and being excited about the unpredictability of the ending. I find it intriguing to watch seeds from present work produce the future work.